Zephyr and Zodiac Club of South Australia inc

Z Cars

Zephyr sightings on TV or the Movies! 

Seen a Z Car in the movies - email us and let us know so that we can build a comprehensive listing of must see movies! 



 The Bank Job - Mk3 Zephyr Black 4dr Sedan,  

Carry on Cabby, Mk2 Zephyr, Mk2 Consul. 


TV Series, 

 Heartbeat - Various Episodes, all Mks!  

 Life on Mars, Series 1 Episode 1, Mk3 Zephyr Police Car, Black.

 Number 96 - Episode unknown, Wedding, couple drive away in a Mk2 Zephyr, driver is drunk and crashes and rolls the Mk2

 On the Buses, Various Episodes, often Mk3's parked or in motion. 

 The Goodies - Various Episodes, Various Mks, Usually parked on sides of streets.

 Z Cars - pretty much every episode!  - The BBC are searching for any copies of this TV show as they have erased a number of the tapes! 


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